Dec. 15th, 2010

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The meme has it that the BBC put together a list of 100 'best books' (by popular vote) and assert that most people will only have read six of them. ...which strains the belief, because they put the first three Harry Potter books separately. Admittedly, I'm going off the 2004 list, which isn't the same as the one I've seen floating around, but the Beeb might have thought to adjust their numbers up based on the number of these classically assigned as school reading. My tally comes up at 7 I read for school (of 36 total, but I'm not the wide reader I always thought I'd be in my starry eyed youth.

For my purposes, if I've read the book, I'll enclose it in a STRONG tag, and if I've half read it, I'll EMPHASIZE it. Spoiler: none of these are half read. If I had the list floating around with the bible on it, things would be different, but. Furthermore, anything I had to read for school whether I liked it or not gets an asterisk (*) and anything I still adore and reread today gets an adorable heart character (♥). And the obligatory commentary.

Books and thoughts under cut. )

Of thirty-six read, I really only loved twelve of these. Several I loathe with a passion or go fetal at the thought of rereading. Others just didn't leave an impression. Do I just have poor taste?

And why are so many children's classics missing? Dahl is great and I don't begrudge him his spot, but where's Dodie Smith's '101 Dalmations', misogynistic and racist little tale that it was. Where's 'The Wizard of Oz'? Aren't we feeding the youth mind-bending, mean-spirited fiction anymore? And 'Count of Monte Christo' but no 'Three Musketeers?' (Mind you I much prefer the Count to the Musketeers but as far as Dumas' work goes the one is much in depth than the other, and Pimpernel didn't even make the LIST of classic pulp, what is this?) It's a world gone mad, folks.


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